Arvid Asmussen “Covenant Prayer"

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Arvid Asmussen: "I've written a song inspired by Charles Wesley's "Covenant Prayer”. It’s mind-blowing to think that Wesley's words have bridged centuries, traveled the world and even formed the prayers of my community in Denmark. This underlines the very point of the song: We belong to the eternal God no matter the time or circumstance! It's not a prayer you can pray lightly. It expresses complete surrender and commitment to Jesus - "I'm no longer my own but yours". I sing it both willingly and with trepidation.”

Written By Arvid Asmussen (KODA), Charles Wesley (PD)
© 2016 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), 10000 Fathers (ASCAP) (admin by

I’m no longer my own, but yours
I’m no longer my own, but yours
I can rest in your love, your promise endures
I’m no longer my own, but yours

Put me to what you will
Rank me with whom you will
Blessing or suffering, in every season I’ll sing

I’ll be employed by you
Or laid aside for you
Exalted or brought low, in your hand, I can let go

Let me be filled by you
I'll empty me out for you
All things or nothing more, you are the one I adore

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