Intercession - What?



1. Entreaty in favor of another, especially a prayer or petition to God in behalf of another.

2. Mediation in a dispute.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin  intercessi, intercessin-, intervention, from intercessus, past participle of  intercdereto intervene; see intercede.]

inter·cession·al adj.

inter·cessor (-ssr) n.

inter·cesso·ry adj.

The Hebrew word "paga" is translated "intercession" and "intercessor". In Isaiah 59:16 we are told that God wondered that there was no intercessor for man the transgressor, so God provided an intercessor in His Son. Isaiah 53:12 tells us how Christ became involved on behalf of transgressors, making intercession for them. The word "paga" means: "to impinge (encroach - intrude - invade) - come between - cause to entreat - make intercession (meet together) - pray". From this we can make the following description of intercession: 

INTERCESSION is vicarious, that is, in the place of others.

INTERCESSION comes between the needy and God.

INTERCESSION can involve the intercessor in suffering.

INTERCESSION invades enemy territory for others.

INTERCESSION makes entreaty for others. 

In the New Testament, the Greek word "enteuxis" is used for intercession. Paul urges: 

1 Timothy 2:1 "First of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men." 

Again, in 1 Timothy 4:5 the same word "enteuxis" is used, but it is translated "prayer". This Greek word has the following meaning: 

"Denotes a lighting upon, meeting with, hence a conversation - a petition (a meaning frequent in the papyri). It is a technical term for approaching a king, and so for approaching God in intercession, (i.e. seeking the presence and hearing of God on behalf of others)." Vine's Dictionary of New Testament Words): 

From this we make the following notes on intercession: 

INTERCESSION is sometimes a spontaneous and inspired act as suggested in the meaning "lighting upon". 

INTERCESSION is royal work, petitioning the King Eternal. 

INTERCESSION is a summit meeting and conversation with God. 

INTERCESSION is standing in God's presence for others. 

INTERCESSION is getting the ear of God on behalf of others. 

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