4 qualificarions of an Intercessor - Derek Prince

4 qualifications that I see in every true


By Derek Prince

1) An intercessor, like Abraham, must have an absolute conviction of God’s righteousness: that God will never bring judgment on the righteous, which is due only to the wicked. At the same time, he must have a crystal clear vision of the absolute justice and inevitability of God’s judgment upon the wicked.

2) He must have a deep concern for God’s glory, like Moses, who twice declined God’s offer to make him the ancestor of the greatest people on earth. God’s glory was more important to him than his personal reputation.

3) An intercessor must have an intimate acquaintance with God. He must be prepared to risk his own life, like Aaron who ignored the contagion of the plague to take his place between the dead and the living.

4) finally, to be an intercessor takes holy boldness. You have to risk your life, be like Aaron and say, “I’ll run the risk of the plague, but I am going to stand here!”

There is no higher calling than that of an intercessor. When you become an intercessor, you have reached the throne.

Man will not see you because you will be out of his sight, beyond the second veil; but in the Kingdom of God your life will count for time and for eternity. 

Taken from a New Wine article

from February 1980.

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